Karwar and Ankola Municipal Councils Elect their Presidents

September 29, 2023



Anand Asnotikar’s entry to the upcoming assembly elections becomes setback to present BJP MLA Roopali S Naik

Karwar : Former BJP Minister Anand Asnotikar’s last moment entry to the upcoming assembly election campaign supporting the Congress former MLA and the present candidate Satish K Sail has given a blow to the present BJP MLA Roopali S. Naik.
Asnotikar, who has been fondly called as ‘Sahukar’, is well versed in catching ‘pulse’ of the public.
His close associates say, he was waiting for the end of PM Modi’s programme at Ankola for entering the capaign to create his own ‘Hawa’.
Asnotikar started his campaign striking the ‘Konkani’ Card. In his first video released in Konkani, Asnotikar said that Konkani Language has a very prominance in Karwar Taluka, but the present MLA Roopali Naik has not done anything to protect the attack on Konkani language.

“I am requesting to vote for the Congress candidate Satish Sail. If you vote Satish Sail means you are voting for me. After the elections both of us have decided to work for ”Konkani Language” and regain its past glory.
Asnotikar is trying to divert the voters attention on Modi’s recent visit by telling that Modi has come for his 2024 Lok Sabha Elections and not for Karnataka Assembly Polls.