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November 30, 2023



President Murmu honours Indian Coast Guard with awards on Independence eve

New Delhi : On the eve of India’s Independence Day, President Droupadi Murmu has bestowed approval to a series of distinguished awards to key personnel of the Indian Coast Guard. According to an official statement from the Defence Ministry, these accolades honour remarkable acts of courage, exceptional commitment to duty, as well as outstanding service.
The recipient of the prestigious President’s Tatrakshak Medal (PTM) for Distinguished Service is Manoj Vasant Baadkar, an Inspector General. The Tatrakshak Medal (TM) for Gallantry was awarded to two personnel, namely Anurag Shukla, a Commander (Junior Grade), and Sultan Singh, a Petty Officer. In addition to this, the Tatrakshak Medal (TM) for Meritorious Service was awarded to three individuals: Manoj Bhatia, a Deputy Inspector General; KR Deepak Kumar, also a Deputy Inspector General; and Deobrat Kumar Mishra, a Petty Adherent (Religious Preacher).
In addition to these commendations, 76 Gallantry awards for Armed Forces and Central Armed Police Forces personnel received approval from President Murmu. These awards include four posthumous Kirti Chakras, 11 Shaurya Chakras, five of which are posthumous, two Bar to Sena Medals, 52 Sena Medals, three Nao Sena Medals, and four Vayu Sena Medals.
Further to this, an additional 30 accolades, termed ‘Mention-in-Despatches’, received Presidential sanction to be presented to members of the Army, which includes the late Army dog Madhu, and one Air Force personnel. These awards recognise and applaud substantial contributions in a variety of military operations. In accordance with the Defence Ministry, these operations encompass Operation Rakshak, Operation Snow Leopard, Operation Casualty Evacuation, Operation Mount Chomo, Operation Pangsau Pass, Operation Meghdoot, Operation Orchid, Operation Kalisham Valley, Rescue Operation, and Operation Evacuation.