Karwar and Ankola Municipal Councils Elect their Presidents

July 19, 2024



First General Body Meeting of Karwar CMC

Karwar : The swearing in of the elected members of the Karwar Municipal Council and the first General Body Meeting has been conducted here recently. The MLA Roopali S. Naik participated in entire proceedings and guided the meeting.

  Roopali Naik took objection over the decision of the District Administration constructing a wall on Rabindranath Tagore beach. She also expressed that the construction was not brought to her knowledge. She appealed all the  members to object and  stop the construction immediately.

  The newly elected President Dr. Nitin Pikle also said in his remarks that if any constructions are undertaken on Beach, the concerned departments should inform CMC.

    Regarding  development of APMC Roopali Naik said that a Vegitable Market will be constructed

on the vacant land availble there.Roopali Naik further assured the house that at the government level, efforts will be made to provide grants for the   construction of jetties for the river and riverbanks. She further said that since Karwar city  is developing very fast and lot of  apartments are being built for which facilities such as drainage, roads and power supply need to be taken up.

  In addition, seven municipalities have been chosen for model Municipalities in the state in which

Karwar is one of them. She exhorted all the Members to support to achieve this Goal.

  JDS backed Sandhya Sanjay Badkar has been unanimously elected as Chairperson for the Standing Committee. Nanda Sawant,Premanand Gunaga, Anushree Kubade, Mala Hulswar, Ratna Ratnakar Naik, Nanda T Naik, Sujatha Tamse, Sneha Manjrekar, Preeti Joshi, Hanumant Talwar have been unanimously elected as members for the standing committee. CMC Commissioner (In Charge) R P Naik, Vice President Prakash Naik were present.