Karwar and Ankola Municipal Councils Elect their Presidents

July 19, 2024




Dr. Ganesh P Rane a “Visionary” wants to start a

“Knowledge Tower” in Karwar

Karwar : An Entrepreeurship Trainer, Industrial Consultant, Management Adviser, Business Executive and former United Nations’ Consultant, Dr. Ganesh P. Rane who is trying to start a “Knowledge Tower” in Karwar training local young minds in various “Modern Skills” viz; Leadership, Digital Literacy, Communication, Emotional Intelligence,Entrepreneurship,Problem-solving, Team-working etc.
In the “Knowledge Tower” Rane wants to provide training in CNC and other modern machines for which a “Tool Room” will be provided, he says.
Karwar Mirror when interviewed him at his Sadashigad residence he explained that though he is staying in Mumbai to manage his family business, his mind is always been in Karwar to start Skill Development programmes for the young minds of Kawar. In this direction, he says for the last three years he is requesting the district administration to grant a few gunthas of land on lease basis. But, still it is under consideration, he says.

This Skill Development Centre will run under the objectives to fulfill the initiatives of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and to empower our younger generaton for employability and start-up entrepreneurship.
Since SeaBird Naval base and NPCL at Kaiga are the main projects nearby Karwar, the younger generation will be trained to equip with the skills required for these two projects. There are lot of jobworks from these projects and our younger generation will reap the fruits.