Karwar and Ankola Municipal Councils Elect their Presidents

July 19, 2024



We are safe, because Coast Guard Personnel Keep vigil day and night on our Territory

Karwar : We are safe, because Coast Guard Personnel keep vigil day and night on our sea territory. ‘Karwar Mirror’ had as opportunity to meet all the officials and personnels and meet and greet them at the bottom deck of the Coast Gurad Ship.
Thanks to Coast Guard Inspector General Manoj Vasant Baadkar who has organised ‘Meet the Press’ on board the Coast Guard Ship.
Capt. Ankit Sharma explained the working of the ship and shown Kitchen and Mess where personnel are resting during the voyage.
They work fitting to the Mission and Motto of the Coast Guard. Which reads : Mission : To protect our ocean and offshore wealth including oil, fish and minerals. to assist mariners in distress and safeguard life and property at sea. to enforce maritime laws with respect to sea, poaching, smuggling and narcotics. to preserve marine environement and ecology and protect rare species. to collect scientific data and back-up the navy during war.
Motto”vayam rakshamah” – we protect.
History : Ever since the 1960’s, the Indian Navy had been requesting the Government of India for setting up an auxiliary service for Maritime Law Enforcement and undertaking “Safety and Protection” tasks in Indian waters. Deployment of sophisticated and high-value naval warships and assets was clearly not an optimal alternative for these tasks. In due course, this logic of the Navy was accepted by the Government, especially due to the fact that by the early 1970’s, three other important factors contributed to the rationale for the early institution of a ‘Coast Guard’ service.
Sea-borne smuggling across the seas was rampant and threatened the nation’s economy. The existing maritime agencies such as the Customs and the Fisheries Department did not have the capability to contain this large scale smuggling activity.