Karwar and Ankola Municipal Councils Elect their Presidents

July 19, 2024



Challanges are ahead of Dr. Nitin Pikle. Public have a lot of expectations

Karwar : People of Karwar have a lot of expectations from the newly elected President and Council of Karwar City Municipal Council who have been sowrn in after a long gap of  2 years of their election through the General Election process.

On the other hand though BJP did not have full majority to elect President, they took the help of JDS to keep Congress away from politics. After the elction of President they put several conditions in which they said all the pending developmental works should be completed within 12 months otherwise they will withdraw their support.

From the opposition Congress  the council witnessed acrimonious scenes about the construction of the new Municipal Building which they termed as “High School Bluilding”. The former President Ganapati Naik of Congress party alleged that during his tenure the Blue Print of the Buildng was finalised in which the basement was provided for Parking. But, when the  Council was not in force the officials changed the entire plan and constructed the  Building as per their whims and fancies and due to which it looks like a School Building.


Dr. Nitin informed the house that he want to have a clean governance during his tenure for which  he is going to keep a “Complaint Box” in the CMC premises and the the keys will be kept with him, so that he can personally monitor any complaints from the general public.