Karwar and Ankola Municipal Councils Elect their Presidents

June 22, 2024



Congress MLA U T Khader elected as new Speaker of Karnataka Assembly

Bengaluru : Former Minister and five-time Congress MLA U T Khader on Wednesday was unanimously elected as the new Speaker of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly. Khader (53) will be the first Muslim leader to serve as Speaker of Karnataka Assembly.
Chief Minister Siddaramaiah proposed Khader’s name for the post of Speaker and it was seconded by Deputy Chief Minister D K Shivakumar. As there was no other contender for the post, Protem Speaker R V Deshpande put the proposal made by the Chief Minister to vote, and it was unanimously adopted by the House.

Philanthropist Ibrahim Kallur greets New Speaker U T Khader

Mangaluru : President of Kallur Education Trust and Proprietor of Kallur Developers of Karwar, PMJF Lion Ibrahim Kallur greeted the newly elected Speaker of Karnataka Assembly Sri. U T Khader at his residense in Mangaluru on Friday.
Kallur said that he is very happy that his friend U T Khader has been elected as the first Muslim Speaker and 23rd Speaker of Karnataka Legislative Assembly.

I believe the path shown by Dr Ambedkar and Gandhi – U T Khader

Bengaluru : The responsibility towards the general public for a Speaker of the legislative assembly is as much as the responsibility for a minister or MLA, the new Speaker of the Karnataka legislative assembly, U T Khader Fareed, who was elected unopposed told the Karnataka legislative assembly Wednesday soon after taking over as the new Speaker. He is a five-term Congress MLA and former health minister. “I believe the job of the Speaker is as much about public service as that of a minister or MLA. It involves upholding constitutional values for the whole state,” Khader said in his maiden speech.
“This responsibility is a major development in my social and political life. Many people say that the role of a minister is better than that of a Speaker. However, I believe that the path shown by Dr Ambedkar, Gandhi, and the great thinkers of the country is more important and as a student of law I think it is my privilege to be seated in this position,” the 53-year-old Khader said.
“I would like to tell all the newly elected MLAs that they should work for the welfare of all the people of their constituencies without bias and favour irrespective of whether people have voted in favour or not.

In order to strengthen the country, I believe that constitutional values are important. I have assumed the responsibility of the Speaker of the House in order to uphold constitutional values,” he further said.
“We may have temporary differences of opinion but we are not sworn enemies. We should not forget that the welfare of the people of the state is our priority. We should discuss the issues of the people of the state, the farmers, the workers, the poor, women, youth and students, and all other people of the state in this legislature,” Khader said in his first address.
Khader, who is the first member from the minority community to assume the role of the Speaker of the Vidhan Sabha in Karnataka, asked young legislators to use the services of the library of the legislature and the works of people like Dr B R Ambedkar to understand constitutional values.

“I would like to remember the words of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar who said that those who do not know the right history cannot create the right present or the right future. This must be a warning for all and we must look at history in a proper manner by utilising the facilities like the legislature library and the books in it. The main guiding light for us should be the Constitution of India created by Dr Ambedkar,” the new Karnataka assembly Speaker said.
Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah described the new Speaker as an “enthusiastic and active politician” who has a “secular mindset” that will help him work without partiality towards any party. Siddaramaiah also expressed hope that the quality of debates in the House would be enhanced under the new Speaker.

“There are complaints that the quality of the debates in the Vidhana Sabha is going down. We have to work to change this perception. The Vidhana Sabha is the temple of democracy. We have to discuss the problems of the seven crore population of the state. We may fight and argue in the elections on the basis of party affiliations but in the House, we have to think of the development of the state, the future of the state, the protection of people, maintaining law and order, and all of these have to be viewed under Article 14 of the Constitution which ensures equality before law and equal protection before law. The welfare of the entire seven crore population must be our concern. The state must progress,” he said.
Siddaramaiah also said there is an interconnection between peace and amity and the progress of the state.
Karnataka Congress chief and Deputy Chief Minister D K Shivakumar said that the Speaker was equivalent to a judge. “Injustice should not flow from the seat of justice. This may be the start of greater political achievements. I remember S M Krishna and Jagadish Shettar who were former Speakers and went to greater heights in their political careers,” Shivakumar said.