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April 15, 2024



Karwar local Youths accept Challenge, task of making Majestic Maruti Temple Golden Jubilee Ganesh Idol

Karwar (By Suraj Kroomkar) :
Local artist Abhinandan Ram Bandekar along with his friends, Poppy Naik, Sudeep Bhovi, Vinayak Bandekar, Prajwal Bandekar and Shubham Bandekar have accepted the challenging task of making Majestic Maruti Temple Golden Jubilee Ganesh Utsav Idol and other decorations and sets.
Last year the Maruti Temple Ganesh had a unique value since the Idol was prepared by ‘Paper Pulp’. Pradeep Parab, a Teacher from Goa prepared the last year’s Idol. Though the idol was 7 feet in height, it was weighing only 50 Kgs. This year the Idol will be a Eco-friendly with a magnificient hight of 16 feet for which the special clay mud has been brought from Maharashtra, Abhinandan said.

The local Maruti Temple Genesh Utsav Samiti is celebrating its Golden Jubilee year Ganesh Utsav this year with all devotion and pomp N show. The committe informed “Karwar Mirror” that the committee has decided to make ‘Golden Padukas’ for the Ganesh and all the visitors will be allowed to pay obeisance to the Lord Ganesha to blesses them and remove obstacles from their lives. The members of the committe and public have generously donated for the ‘Golden Padukas”
It is worth mentioning here that the whole idea has been designed and guided by Abhinandan’s father Ram Bandekar who is great born artist